A Wedding Blanket


Hello world!  Welcome to the first blog post I have ever written.  I’ve just started this website as a place to record some of my favourite artsy and foodsy projects.  Maybe a little computer science will sneak in here too, we’ll see.  The first few posts will have a clear theme to them – I’ll be putting up a few things I did in preparation for my sister’s wedding!

My lovely sister and her new husband had their big celebration yesterday.  When I found out about their engagement a few months ago, I decided that a knitted blanket would make a great wedding gift.  I have never knitted a blanket before, and it seemed like an appropriate occasion for a big project that they would both be able to use.  A while back, I had bookmarked the Umaro pattern by Jared Flood on Ravelry.  I chose it for this project because the 10mm needles and extra bulky yarn made the idea of a 4×5′ project less intimidating.  The recommended yarn turned out to be the nicest and most reasonably priced option I found at the yarn store.  I stuck with the cream colour in the hope that it won’t go out of style too quickly.

After making a reasonable start on the project in the spring, I brought the remains of my 13-skein sack of yarn to Seattle in May.  Over the following twelve weeks I knit about three rows.  But that’s okay, I still had a month of vacation!  Plenty of time!  With my job in Seattle done, I returned to Canada and I knit up a storm over the next couple of weeks – first on Savary Island, and then on the farm in Saskatchewan where these photos were taken.

I gave the blanket to my sister and her (now) husband last weekend, by arranging it as part of the bridal suite my parents had set up for them.  The weather yesterday was a little chillier and wetter than we had hoped for the wedding, but the party was hopping anyway.  And my sister wrapped the blanket around her for warmth during her wedding dinner.


Photo credits: Emma Sheppard