Wedding Signs

K&G wedding sign

A few weeks before my sister’s wedding, she asked me to paint some signs directing people where to go.  I immediately searched “wedding signs” on Pinterest and found a huge number of “Happily ever after” type signs that didn’t suit her style at all.  She just wanted signs with information.  So, my dad cut some pieces of plywood, my sister and her fiancée painted them white, and when I got there a few days before the event, I added the text.

My sister had already used the Lakesight font for the drink tags she had made, so I wanted to use it for the signs as well.  I nearly gave up and chose a different font because I thought Lakesight would be too difficult to paint by hand, but it was actually easier than I expected.  I printed out the text for each sign using the “demo” function of the font page.  I then pencilled a rough guide for the letters onto the signs, and painted over it with a thick paintbrush and acrylic paint.  The thickness of the paintbrush suited the cursive font well because I could vary the thickness of the strokes just by applying different amounts of pressure.

After I had painted on the words, my sister applied glue and sparkles to make them shimmer a bit (really, she just wanted to use her sparkles).

Reception and ceremony signs

Wedding signs