Colourful dot cookies

Cookie gift

Friday was a big milestone for me – the last class of my degree!  I still have final exams and a project to finish, but I’m getting closer!  I decided to bake cookies this weekend and give them to one of my professors as a thank-you for his help.  I was inspired by these colourful cookies but had a frustrating time trying to reproduce them.  I don’t have a cookie stencil, so I was trying to get the same effect with piping, but the geometric designs just looked kind of messy free-hand.  I decided to go with simpler designs mostly made up of dots.

I got the cute cookie box and ribbon from a neat craft supply store called Urban Source.  They have tons of cute boxes and bags like this that are perfect for giving away baking, and I had a lot of fun picking them out!  The box fits two cookies stacked, so I included the two below.

Decorated sugar cookies


Fair Isle Socks

Fair Isle Socks

Here’s a project I’ve been working on for a while!  I started these fair isle socks in August, right after finishing the blanket for my sister (although there were long stretches of the semester where I didn’t do any work on them).  I had a bag full of sock yarn in many colours from a previous project, and had been trying to force myself to use yarn I already had instead of buying more, so I decided to try making a pair of socks without following a pattern.  I used bits of instructions from various patterns I had used before and chose the fair isle designs and colour combinations as I went along.  It was a ton of fun, and although I was worried at times that there wouldn’t be enough contrast between some of the colour pairs, I’m very happy with the result.  I finished them the week before Christmas as a present for my mom.  They’re pretty crazy and colourful but she’ll be able to pull them off!

Fair Isle Socks

One of my favourite parts is the striping along the sole.  When I started, I was visualizing fair isle patterns all the way down the leg and foot in different coloured bands, and then a sole striped in two colours.  However, I realized pretty quickly that this was impossible to do in the round, since you need to use the same colours on the sole and the foot in each round.  I decided to keep the striping idea, but just switch colours as required, and I think the result is pretty cool.

Fair Isle Socks

Below is a picture from the very beginning of this project.  I was on the ferry, with a super terrible internet connection, trying to look up fair isle designs.  I wanted to incorporate a row of birds, since I had done a row of fish.  The only thing I could get to load on Google images was a tiny thumbnail, so I managed to recreate the drawing below from that.  In the end, the birds looked kind of bizarre so I unravelled them anyway.

Beginning of a fair isle sock

I was so excited when I finished these socks that I went out the same day to shop for yarn with my friend Ali.  I bought myself some lovely orange yarn that will soon be a hat, this time for me!

If you want to see my notes on the socks, take a look at my Ravelry page.