Hummingbird cookies

Hummingbird and flower cookiesWith all my new free time, I’ve been doing a lot more baking!  I made these hummingbird cookies just because I had a hummingbird cookie cutter.  I decided to do a stained glass style, by piping black outlines and then filling in the gaps with coloured icing.  I did a few flowers as well.  I had some problems with “cratering”, where the icing collapses as it dries in small areas.  Although I’m not sure why it happens, I followed the advice online and started drying them in front of a fan, which seemed to solve the problem (see the top right hummingbird, which dried in front of the fan, versus the one below it, which didn’t).

Anyway, I’m quite happy with them!  Expect more posts in the near future since I’m on a four-month vacation!

Hummingbird and flower cookies


Winter Tree Cookies and Chocolate Snowflakes

Winter forest cookies

I had a lot of ideas for Christmas cookies this year since it’s the first year I’ve gotten really into decorating cookies.  I decided that all my ideas would go nicely as a group, since they were all forest-themed.  The design for the trees and birds are from this post on sweetsugarbelle’s blog, and I had seen the pine cones here.  I also made some snowflakes as part of a present for my dad (see below).  I wanted the background colour of the snowflakes to be dark to contrast with the icing, but I’m not particularly into gingerbread cookies.  Then I remembered saving sweetapolita’s chocolate sugar cookie recipe, and it seemed like the perfect solution.  I’m not sure how I feel about the recipe – the re-rolled cookies seemed a little tough, and I’m not sure if I got the baking time quite right since it was hard to tell from the appearance whether they were done.  I might experiment with it a bit more or try a new recipe.
Winter forest cookiesChocolate snowflakes