Knitting, sewing, and treats!

My recent sewing and knitting projects

Today I’d like to share a random assortment of things.  Above are my recently finished knitting and sewing projects.  On the left is the Norby hat designed by Gudrun Johnston for one of Brooklyn Tweed’s “Wool People” collections.  I love the patterns in these collections… I’m planning to start a sweater soon and will probably be using one of the Brooklyn Tweed patterns for that too!  In the center is an apron I just sewed.  I didn’t have enough fabric to follow a real pattern, so I just made the most basic apron possible – basically a rectangle attached to a waistband, using every inch of the pink fabric!  I sewed on a pocket as well.  On the right is a cowl made with double knitting, which is a technique that gives you a double-sided fabric.  This was my first project using the technique, and although it’s very slow going, the finished product is very thick and cozy!  The pattern is called Trapper Cowl and it’s from Interweave Knits magazine.
My recent baking

Here are a few of my edible projects as well!  In the top left are almond pear mini bundt cakes from the book Bake it Like You Mean It.  The cake was tasty although maybe a little too almond-y or a little too sweet for me.  Slices of pear poached in white wine were embedded in the middle of the cake, very yummy.  In the bottom left is a strawberry rhubarb pie following a recipe from The Four and Twenty Blackbirds Pie Book.  I bought this book for myself using some Christmas money and have definitely gotten my money’s worth out of it!  So far I have baked the Salty Honey Pie (still my favourite), Black-Bottom Oatmeal Pie, Lemon Sour Cream Pie, Salted Caramel Apple Pie, Junipear Pie, Lemon Chess Pie (except using lime instead of lemon, and honey instead of part of the sugar – tasty but intense!), and Rhuby Rhazz Pie (the one from the photo – I used strawberries instead of raspberries).

In the top right is a blueberry pie (not from the book), and in the bottom right is a birthday cake for my boyfriend’s lovely mother, both baked on our recent trip to Saskatchewan.  The cake was layers of angel food cake with lemon curd in between, and frosted with strawberry swiss meringue buttercream, with strawberry purée poured on top.


Wedding Signs

K&G wedding sign

A few weeks before my sister’s wedding, she asked me to paint some signs directing people where to go.  I immediately searched “wedding signs” on Pinterest and found a huge number of “Happily ever after” type signs that didn’t suit her style at all.  She just wanted signs with information.  So, my dad cut some pieces of plywood, my sister and her fiancée painted them white, and when I got there a few days before the event, I added the text.

My sister had already used the Lakesight font for the drink tags she had made, so I wanted to use it for the signs as well.  I nearly gave up and chose a different font because I thought Lakesight would be too difficult to paint by hand, but it was actually easier than I expected.  I printed out the text for each sign using the “demo” function of the font page.  I then pencilled a rough guide for the letters onto the signs, and painted over it with a thick paintbrush and acrylic paint.  The thickness of the paintbrush suited the cursive font well because I could vary the thickness of the strokes just by applying different amounts of pressure.

After I had painted on the words, my sister applied glue and sparkles to make them shimmer a bit (really, she just wanted to use her sparkles).

Reception and ceremony signs

Wedding signs