Felted slippers

Felted slippers

Sorry for the long hiatus from blog posts!  I have had a busy few months.  After I got home from some awesome summer travelling, I packed up and moved to a brand new city – hello Seattle!  I have been adjusting to my new home and new job, and doing some crafts and food on the side, but this is the first “real” project I have finished recently.  Hopefully I will be doing more projects soon!

I knew my sister had been looking for a pair of cozy felted slippers for a long time, so I decided to make some for her birthday this past weekend.  I did some Ravelry research and settled on the “Duffers – revisited” pattern on Ravelry, which has 1669 projects to date.  Before I started knitting, I did some thorough searching through the project notes of other people.  I found lots of useful tips, which I have compiled in my own Ravelry notes.  That’s my favourite part of Ravelry!  I feel like I’ve learned from 1669 other people’s experiences.

Felted slippers

The idea behind felting knitted items is that you knit them extra big and loose with 100% wool, and then apply water, heat, and agitation to shrink them down and make the fibers link together into extra thick and cozy fabric.  The felting can be done in a washing machine or by hand.  I chose to do it in my front-loading washing machine, which is apparently a topic of debate, but worked reasonably well for me.  You can look at my Ravelry notes for more details.

I sprayed the bottom of the slippers with a rubber spray called Plasti Dip that has been mentioned by many other knitters on the internet using it for this exact purpose.  It made the bottoms nice and grippy so that my sister doesn’t slip on her nice (but kind of evil) hardwood floors.

Felted slippers

Credit for the lovely photos go to my sister Georgia herself!


3 thoughts on “Felted slippers

  1. Hey Frances…inspiring as usual to see your latest project. Those look sturdy and warm. I bet they last for years. Pretty too! Love the Plasti Dip product…I want some of that stuff! See you soon!



  2. These are lovely Fran! I am loving your posts and find them inspiring. I am sure Georgia loved them, they are so very pretty. I hope you are settling in to your new home and wish you all the best !


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