Golden bee cookies

Golden bee cookies

Here are some bee-themed cookies that I made yesterday.  I had been planning to make these for a while… I had an image of the circular ones in my head.  I used my bee cookie cutter for some of them as a bit of an after thought, but I actually like those ones just as much.

I made the little golden bees by piping them with royal icing on parchment paper.  I did this in stages so there would be some definition between the different parts; I did the head and abdomen first, then filled in the middle bit (the thorax), and then added the top wings, and then the  bottom wings.  In between I let them partially dry so that the different parts wouldn’t run together.  Once they were completely dry, I mixed some edible gold glitter with vodka and painted that over top in two coats, then peeled them off the parchment and stuck them to the cookies with a little more icing.

I used yellow icing to pipe the little bees, which gave them a pretty intense gold colour.  In retrospect, maybe I should have just used white icing, so they would match the gold details on the rest of the cookie.  I think they’re pretty cute though!  Especially posed on this saucer.

Golden bee cookies


13 thoughts on “Golden bee cookies

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  2. love, love, love! I’m a beekeeper and am going to steal your idea for our next beekeepers’ pot luck 🙂 imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, yes?


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