Brush Embroidery Cookies

Brush embroidery cookies

While making butterfly cookies for my sister’s wedding a few weeks ago, I was a little overambitious and decided to do flowers as well.  So, in addition to all the butterflies, I baked a bunch of flower- and circle-shaped sugar cookies (I planned to make the circles into dahlias).  When I got to the decorating phase, I got really into the butterflies and never made it to the flowers.  The flower and circle cookies sat in a tin until now, when I decided to stop eating them plain and actually decorate them.

I’ve been staring at brush embroidery cookies for a few months now, specifically the beautiful ones made by sweetambs.  These cookies are my first attempt.

Brush embroidery cookies

Brush embroidery cookies

I definitely learned a few things while making these.  Here are my tips to myself for next time:

  • Use a smaller tip (probably #2) for outlining, and be more careful outlining to get better circles and not have a weird bump where the circle joins
  • Use thicker icing to flood – these took quite a while to dry
  • Use thicker icing and a stiffer brush for the brush embroidery – mine didn’t have much definition, and when I tried to do the inner layers of petals, they tended to merge a bit with the outer layers

All in all, I am happy with these!  Next time I might try a light background with more colourful flowers… for example doing outer and inner layers of petals with two different shades.  I’d also like to experiment with patterns other than flowers.  This time, I also tried a feather, which worked out reasonably well, a bird (not so much), and a couple of more abstract designs.  These are the more experimental ones (without the bird):

Brush embroidery cookies


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